Our Story

Little Wander are a family of four on a brilliant, brave or stupid journey, depending on your point of view.

Jo and Lorenzo met at a pretentious London club full of people they hate. A mutual obsession with good food and adventure got them talking and the rest is history. Eight years, a house, a restaurant, a five-year-old and a baby later, they have left the 9-5 to take their kids and their tastebuds off on a one year round-the-world family trip of a lifetime.

The Di Francesco family flew to Kathmandu on September the 10th, 2017. They spent one month in Nepal, followed by a week in Delhi and a road trip around Sri Lanka. Then Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Sydney, Chile, Mexico and a dance and a daiquiri through Cuba. And finally, a summer road trip through Europe to get them back home.

They are writing, shooting, home-schooling and home-cooking as they go. They’re trying everything from the street food of Chiang Mai to cooking casseroles in the ground in Chile. And they are sharing it with you.



Jo Forel is a writer and copywriter who’s worked for Apple, Mother and Droga5 but has very itchy feet. She has won prizes in the Bradt/Independent on Sunday Travel Writing Competition for her accounts of campaigning for Obama in Pennsylvania and a drunk Peruvian in a landslide. She has been published by Dazed and in Bradt’s volume ‘The Irresponsible Traveller’.


Lorenzo Di Francesco is an Italian designer, art director and creative food events organiser, who has worked and created edible experiences for brands from Peroni to Gucci and Harvey Nichols. He used to have a restaurant too, but we don't talk about that.

He speaks several languages and has lived everywhere from the bustle of Bangkok to a remote Brazilian beach.


Olivia Matilda Di Francesco is five going on twenty-five. She’s a bilingual Bowie fan who negotiated herself two free carpets in the Marrakech Medina. And she probably has more passport stamps than you.


River Alexander Storm Di Francesco is a one year old salsa dancing, street-food gobbling ball of hair. He’s not a man of many words, but he seems like he’s having fun.