And so it begins

And so it begins

Hello. We’re Jo, Lori, Olivia and River. 
And we’re having a wobble.

Our unelected Prime Minister is pushing Brexit through with a maniacal laugh. 
A giant orange toddler has been let out of his gold-plated playpen and into the American presidency. 
Everything is upside down and back to front. 
And to be honest, we’re not impressed.

But here’s the thing. 
We love the world.
And we know it’s better than this.

So we’re taking off. In September 2017, we’ll embark on a round-the-world trip with our four-year-old and our six-month-old. 
Because we’re going to damn well show our kids that this planet is full of wonderful humans with humour and heart. 
That adventures do happen outside Adventure Bay.
That it’s not just all about stuff.
We’ll feed them things they’ve never tasted.
We’ll show them things they’ve never seen. 
We’ll write story books in hammocks and learn to read up trees.
We’ll track down the Cambodian dancers our daughter has her heart set on.
We’ll find out what Christmas in Laos is like. 
Which animals are friendly. And which ones aren’t.
We’ll stop bloody grumbling. We’ll make it count.
We’ll open our minds as well as theirs.
We’ll write and shoot and learn and eat our way around the world.

And we’d love you to come along for the ride.